The “Where Are We?” Talk!

Hi Lovelies, Yesterday I was watching FRIENDS, and I came across something really important. Something that we all want to talk about, but we do not know how. In the episode MONA (Ross’s current girlfriend) asking him about their relationship. “WHERE ARE WE?” The dreaded question. And the most feared, sometimes. I am sure many…… Continue reading The “Where Are We?” Talk!

Game time- SUGGEST A TITLE #1

SUGGEST A TITLE#1 Hi lovely friends and followers, It is game time. Time to put on your thinking caps and explore your creative side. For those of you, who have no idea about this game, let me give you a walkthrough. 1⃣I will upload a series of related or unrelated words, short phrases or quotes.…… Continue reading Game time- SUGGEST A TITLE #1


“Why me?” He asked, eager for an answer. I looked into his ocean eyes, And saw those sleepless nights. Saw the pain, inflicted on me, Which made his heart cry. Saw the dark phase he went through, While he saw me slowly die! Saw his battles with my depression. And, in the end, his love…… Continue reading Magic

When I felt connected to a movie- SANJU

Me and my friend we finally managed to take some time out of our busy schedules to go and see a movie. I wanted to see this movie- SANJU more because the ratings and reviews were amazing. Public seemed to be enjoying this movie. I know! I know! I am late. But this was totally…… Continue reading When I felt connected to a movie- SANJU